This is a page for you to talk about your business — your team, history, vision, approach, etc. You can use this space to connect with your customers, build trust, and establish your brand. Customers always appreciate knowing who they’re buying from.

Thanks to the wonderful team at Pro Audio Boutique for giving us permission to use their imagery. Here's a little about them, in their own words:

Grammy-nominated engineer David Arnold founded Pro Audio Boutique in 2010 to provide equipment and consultation for his private and professional studio clients. With a passion for music and extensive background in the industry, David realized that the biggest hole in the pro audio industry centered around service. That's why Pro Audio Boutique was built.

At Pro Audio Boutique, it's about more than the gear itself. It's knowing the difference between how to explain the details of a piece of equipment to someone who is just getting started versus someone who is a seasoned professional engineer. And that's what we do best.